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Coming Soon: Pythia…

Coroebus is 3!

According to the ancient poet Pausanius, Coroebus of Elis won the first gold medal of the ancient Olympic games in 776 B.C. by defeating his competitors in the stadion race. Taraje chose to name his business Coroebus to help fulfill a childhood dream to become the first male U.S. Olympic Champion in the sport of judo.

The mission of CWM is to inspire entrepreneurs to prepare and execute bespoke strategic plans to achieve specific lifestyle goals in a socially responsible manner. Our guiding principles are specialized knowledge with integrity and devotion.

In ancient Greece, the Pythia were priestesses and oracles who would communicate with Apollo to predict the future. The labrys is an ancient Cretan double axe that was sometimes associated with female divinity. Together they form Pythia, the predictive analytics tool for financial services/management.IMG_1633

Pythia is Coroebus Wealth Managements financial technology application under development which will offer automated investment management and financial planning, as well as a financial literacy curriculum. In the universe of roboadvisors it might be considered a hybrid as it will offer access to human and algorithm managed portfolios.

We have not abandoned our boutique service or multi-family office business model, but are adding on an automated service to touch a greater number of people and provide expert financial advice to underserved communities. Initially an automated account opening and preliminary discovery process will allow users access to our investment advice. The target market for Pythia are generation Y and Z entrepreneurs, aspiring and otherwise.

The release date is to be announced… We will be working with a small group of thought leaders during development. This has been a project of mine for three years now and it is great to see it begin to take form. Stay tuned for invitations for our early release…

Account Minimums are $5000 and $3000 if < 25
Brokerage services offered through Interactive Brokers, LLC. Member NYSE FINRA SIPC and regulated by the SEC.

Happy Independence Day!

As we complete our third year in business, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients, family and friends. It has been a difficult road but as we continue to meet the challenges we face daily, the aureate beacon of CWM continues to brighten.

July 23rd marks the third anniversary of our Grand Opening Celebration. The first release of Pythia, our financial management tool will begin testing before months end. Pythia will offer automated investment management and financial planning, as well as an educational element or Temple.

More on Pythia coming 7/23/16!

Enjoy the 4th!

Time Value of Money Primer

Time value of money (TVM) is represented by the difference in value of some dollar amount of money or cash flow(s) over a period of time, assuming one can earn some sort of return on the money available.

Simple interest is calculated on the principal only while compound interest is when one also earns “interest on interest.” Compounding may be used to describe moving a value or cash flow forward in time:

Future Value=FV      

Present Value=PV

# of years=n

Cash Flow/Payment=PMT

nominal rate of interest=i

FV = PMT(1+i)^n

You have $50,000 to invest. If you think you can earn 7.5% annually, how much might you accumulate in 30 years?

Discounting is known as the process of moving a value or cash flow backward in time:

PV = PMT/(1+i)^n

If you’d like to have $50,000 in 5 years, how much might you have to invest today assuming a 5% rate of return? 

Real returns are sometimes described as the rate of return one receives net of inflation but may be more accurately calculated:

Real rate of return=r

Inflation Premium=IP


One should consider the effect of taxes on earnings as well.